Sierra K.

“The first thing of note about this restaurant is how fervently the owner, Dave, cares about his food, his drinks, and his customers. The beer is made in house, produce is grown out back in the garden, and the owner is also the chef. This care and attention to the quality of the food really shows in an absolutely superior product.

Honey lavender lemonade is a must try, and the sourdough crust on the pizza is the best I have ever had (coming from someone who eats a LOT of pizza). Dave is also wonderfully friendly and happy to answer questions about the food and the restaurant. I appreciate the commitment to organic, local food. 

Now, I don’t drink much, but my Dad loves a good beer and he is a regular visitor for the beer here; today he had a raspberry and an amber. If you get his repeat business for beer, you have got yourself a winner! 

I eagerly await the next time we are in town, so we can stop in again and try something else off the menu!”